About me

Instructor and software architect in healthcare digital technology.

Santiago is a Colombian-American student at Stanford University. He is a full-stack software developer with an interest on building applications that address social, learning, and healthcare needs. In addition to mobile application, Santiago admires digital media and interactive design. He loves to work on software solutions that encourage the creativity of others.

Building the future of radically accessible mobile-first learning + health as CTO of Cell-Ed.

Past Instructor of CS47 (react-native) and Building for Digital Health at Stanford.

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Special Projects Portfolio


Open source platform for digital health research and applications. Website

Partnership with BMW (Munich)

Bot interface “as-a-service” proof-of-concept using ThreeJS and speech recognition.


Dog breed detection using Tensorflow.


Other Side

Explore privilege through a conversation-based mobile game. Demo

Basic Bar

Tinder-style "Buzzfeed quiz" (algorithm training). App Store

StudBud (December 2016)

Motivate yourself to study better with Studbud. Link

Palmm (November 2016)

Helping Stanford researchers with the treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis.

Hangster (Summer 2016)

The best way to get your friends together. iOS | Android

Older Documentation (2012-2014)

See pg. 47 onwards. Link

Design: HTML5 UP